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What's the job market like at the moment? - the most asked recruitment question OF ALL TIME!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

21 years I have been working in recruitment… twenty-one… I can’t even believe it myself. Anyway, enough of that.

The purpose of this mini-blog is to address the two most asked questions during the course of those 7000 days that I have been speaking to candidates and hiring managers alike.

We can answer both of these questions for you… almost immediately. (all you need to do is click on the relevant bullet point above & take 2 mins to submit your query)


I have also worked in recruitment for 21 different December’s… it’s a myth that December and the run-up to Christmas is a quiet month. However, most candidate’s tend to be in Christmas mode, or have already used up their holiday entitlement and therefore can't make an interview...

December is the best month of the year for any candidate to land their dream job because competition is at its lowest.

Dust off that CV quickly and contact your Macildowie Consultant and you could start the year with one less new year resolution to worry about.

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